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Native American Healthcare

John began is career working for various commercial healthcare equipment companies as an X-ray engineer where he was involved with installation and maintenance of MRI systems, Cath and Angio labs. He founded CMS Imaging, Inc. in 1987 as one of the earliest Independent Service Organization (ISO) for medical imaging.  Headquartered in South Carolina, CMS Imaging is the largest medical imaging retailer in the southeast and very recently has been rated the top ISO in the entire nation.


John seized the opportunity to enter the underserved healthcare software industry in 2000 with his acquisition of Avreo, Inc.  Avreo’s expertise included a software package that read, stored and managed a healthcare organization’s digital images and reports.  Under John’s leadership Avreo became a pioneer in first solutions for Radiology that provided RIS, PACS, Dictation, Transcription and Auto Report Delivery provided through a single application with a single data database. Avreo has achieved numerous number 1 ratings from KLAS for community hospitals and the ambulatory market, and additionally, the Frost and Sullivan Award for Product Innovation.


In 2010, John wrote a business process for Ambulatory Integration that was later patented and subsequently began the company of Ambulatory Integration Concepts, LLC. The process was developed to assist hospitals and healthcare systems with integrating and streamlining their ambulatory acquisitions into their corporate environment. AIC is a nationwide company assisting hospitals with all aspects of integration.

John Sloan

President of CMS Imaging, Inc.


Chairman and CEO of Avreo, Inc.


Chairman of Ambulatory Integration Concepts, LLC

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