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Native American Healthcare


The transformational model we developed redefines self-determination through Native American ownership and Tribal control of regional healthcare services.  It is different from any other methodology undertaken thus far because it is a comprehensive approach that touches all aspects of care delivery and financial impact.  The model is based on existing healthcare capabilities and dramatically enhances care, access and financial viability through:


  • Redefined market demographics

  • Next generation IT platforms

  • On-site specialty care

  • Top-tier telemedicine programs

  • Partnerships with well respected healthcare companies and academic medical institutions

  • A patent-pending integration process

  • A revolutionary physician recruiting program 


The model was specifically created to deliver modern clinical care to areas that have been historically underserved.


Gen7 Healthcare is designed for financial success and expansion that is recognized through:


  • Enlargement of the local healthcare market

  • Growth in healthcare services

  • Operational efficiencies that reduce cost

  • Creating the critical mass necessary for population health management

  • Development of new facilities; and

  • Business opportunities for new support companies 


The model will fundamentally transform both the quality of care and financial performance of the Tribes we partner with.

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