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Native American Healthcare


Tribes that take control of their healthcare markets will capture one of the most powerful opportunities available to further define self-determination.  Our model will accomplish this and much more.


Gen7 Healthcare delivers tremendous value for Tribes who implement the program.  There are many benefits derived from the model, however value creation can be largely summarized into two general areas:


  • The best clinical care available

  • Diverse new business opportunities that will generate revenue and profit for the Tribes who participate


The Gen7 Healthcare model is centered first and foremost on delivering the next generation of outcome based care.  We do this by providing access to more specialists, expanding the number and types of services available locally, partnering with recognized healthcare providers and academic medical institutions, recruiting the best physicians available, providing seamless information to all of the clinicians involved in the continuum of care, and measuring outcomes so we can continually improve. 


The Gen7 model is possible because it establishes the critical mass necessary to offer a broad array of services.  We do this by serving Native and non-Native populations alike. The Gen7 concept addresses the healthcare challenges faced by most rural populations; and is thus ultimately viable for rural markets across the United States.  Gen7 Healthcare is the model through which healthcare in rural America will be delivered in the future.


In addition to outstanding care, a Gen7 Healthcare implementation will drive significant financial results.  We can help Native American tribes recapture 50% or more of the money that is lost through outside referral arrangements and administrative fees.  We dramatically expand the healthcare revenue base through larger service areas and the addition of new services.  We implement efficiencies that lower costs and drive returns.  And, the Gen7 model expands access to healthcare in a way that allows members and non-members to participate, while still honoring traditional culture and maintaining a direct focus on the Tribe and its members.  Our model will deliver dramatic improvements in net revenue, substantially improve cash flows and drive solid returns on investment for Tribes who participate.

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