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Native American Healthcare


Gen7 Healthcare is a collaborative effort between a number of prominent healthcare and Native-owned companies focused on Native American health.  Our mission is to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered across Indian Country and provide significant economic opportunities to the Tribes we work with.


Gen7 Healthcare came together as a direct response to the healthcare challenges facing Native American Tribes and their surrounding communities.  We have seen the erosion of care over time, the shortfall of budgets and the harm it has caused Native peoples.  We understand that the current healthcare model used across Indian Country is fundamentally flawed in both operational and financial execution; and that something must be done to change it. 


The Gen7 Healthcare model has been developed to provide Tribes with an advanced alternative healthcare delivery system for their members and the region in which the Tribe is located. The creation of a new Tribal healthcare enterprise will enhance a Tribe’s position as a Sovereign Nation, deliver a recession resistant business opportunity and provide significant economic growth for the Tribe.

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